The Story Behind Australian Tapware Powerhouse - Faucet Strommen.

September 21, 202218 min read

In the midst of the rural Victorian town of Kerang lies the design studio and manufacturing facility of premium tapware specialists Faucet Strommen. What started out as a plumbing business under the name Faucet Australia in 1999, the term ‘Strommen’ – which translates to stream in German — helped the brand transition into the world of architecture as they became a reputable, high-end brand supplying fast-performance tapware. Here we showcase Faucet Strommen’s exclusive xOx knurled handles, which was designed in collaboration with Studio xOx.  

Faucet Strommen’s ethos is one that pays homage to Australian manufacturing, sustainability, and giving back to the local community. It’s clear that the family-run business is passionate about what they do as every little aspect of each interior product has been designed with the most immaculate attention to detail. For Faucet Strommen, it’s not about being the first, it’s about being top quality. Every new product takes years to develop, with thorough testing, research, and the highest standard Australian design specifications in mind. 

The Murray Valley location also signifies how Faucet Strommen’s connection to nature is paramount, and that’s why sustainability is one of the major cornerstones of the renowned brand. This connection brings with it a sense of responsibility to the local community, and the idea that it is crucial we tread lightly on our beautiful Earth. Think of the composition of each tapware product – it’s made of lead-free eco brass, of which over 90% is recycled from the finest Australian-made materials. 

Sustainability is a journey, and Faucet Strommen take small steps every day that lead to meaningful change for our planet. They prioritise sustainable actions in a multitude of ways, including bringing manufacturing in-house, which allows the brand to set up world-class eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Their process itself is lean, helping them identify areas where processes can be streamlined and waste can be eliminated. 

Another way is by investing in solar power, with their facilities running entirely off glorious Kerang sunshine since 2010. The brand also incorporates smart water saving technology into every piece of tapware, to ensure that water is efficiently used and conserved. And of course, that beautifully sustainable brass, which is kept in circulation by reusing recycled brass as much as they can.

Faucet Strommen puts a premium spin on tapware design – high-performance tapware takes on a new meaning in a home, with each piece creating atmosphere, adding character, and luxury to a room. There’s a real emphasis on functionality, longevity, and design that works with and complements other components of a space to create cohesion. 

Faucet Strommen has special importance to Studio xOx as the renowned brand inspired our concept. With the spirit of partnership, we collaborated to create an architectural knurled handle made of solid brass and the end result is simply breathtaking. Through hours of dedicated prototyping, Faucet Strommen used their meticulous attention to detail to develop a perfectly proportioned xox knurled handle. Over 18 months, they brought into existence a tactile knurled design that’s reminiscent of jewellery design. 

The team cleverly utilised a watch-making machine to give the xox handle its iconic texture and iridescent shine, and the technology used ensured it would successfully apply to all 14 of Faucet Strommen’s finishes. Exclusively made for Studio xOx, the visually striking xOx handle enhances any space it’s used in. Every minute detail and the overall quality of the handle is signature Faucet Stronmen brilliance. 

Their first ever release is still as relevant today as it was back then – the Cascade range is all about clean architectural lines and perfect proportions. Studio xOx pays homage to the classic style with our name – xOx alludes to the reference of the original cross-handled release. All of their designs are timeless, and the quality of their products is enduring. Indeed Faucet Strommen’s wonderful motto, ‘do it once, do it right’ makes so much sense when we think about a brand as rich in integrity as this.

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