Reimagining Concrete with Nood Co

September 23, 202210 min read

A beautiful accident resulted in a company that has shaken up the industry with their innovative take on concrete.

The Nood Co journey started with a bathroom sink. Co-directors Matt Di Costa and Chris Walker were redesigning Matt and his wife Kim’s home with the brief of blending a feminine Parisian interior with masculine concrete features. The process gave them a good look at the complexities of working with concrete and the problems that ensued in using concrete for furniture and basins. 

And so started the Nood Co journey, with the purpose of solving the many issues faced when using concrete, and in turn making it more feminine, subtle, soft, and curved. “The Nood basins are to be pieces that join the composition of a bathroom, to sit nicely with taps, tiles, vanities. Humble and groovy is the goal,” says Matt. Nood Co was to solve the issues of concrete and introduce a new wave of contemporary residential and commercial products with a unique, entirely unprecedented narrative on how to use concrete more effectively, sustainably, and beautifully.

The brand weaves together the best of Scandinavian and Australian design and the end product is something worth waxing lyrical about. Nood Co products are innovative, striving for thinness, organic lines, and bold hues. And mostly, the basins are just fun – think whimsical colour profiles like custard, musk, and powder blue and you start to get the picture they’re painting with Nood Co. “Every step of Nood’s rise has been a ground-up build, our own invention I guess, as there was no existing market to mimic at the time,” says Matt. 

Concrete suppliers are notorious for being unreliable so the team wanted people to have a premium experience with concrete, especially regarding product quality, lead time, customer service, and packaging. Aside from that, the basins are incredibly water intolerant, durable, and hand-made with zero VOC concrete to ensure they have low embodied energy. 

It’s clear that there’s a humanness to the Nood Co brand that revolutionises and pushes the boundaries of concrete design. It’s this quality that has helped Nood reshape the way Australians think and feel about the formerly brutalist material. But now it’s nothing of the sort – instead, it’s exciting, vibrant, and full of possibilities.

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