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Prism Circle Basin | Wall Hung

A favourite at Nood Co, the alluring Prism Wall Hung Basin is a concrete sink featuring an elegant chamfered edge with a breathtaking high strength finish. Enjoy a refined, clean setting with Nood’s unique hidden bracket system. Please install bracket direct to masonry or timber wall, prior to sheeting and tiling. See spec sheet for all bracket and basin info, suggested tap length and more. Basin size 400x115mm.


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A new consciousness of concrete.

Nood Co took a common building material and added curve, colour, proportion and care to create a range of considered pieces that are suitable for any design environment or style, expanding concrete into the real world.

Creating the worlds first range of contemporary basins and bathroom furniture is a testament to Nood Co’s ability to engineer highly durable concrete pieces. Nood concrete is pigmented with 100% chemical free colour, so the basins are completely coloured throughout. Each basin has an unbeatable consistency in colour and patina.

Nood basins are unique in they have several admixes that give the basins an incredible water tolerance. Sealed with a unique penetrative sealer that ensures they will not delaminate in time, and never need resealing.

Basin Installation
Basin Maintenance
All Nood Co basins are handcrafted in Perth, Australia. A human touch is everything with Nood.
Zero Chemicals. Waxed in 100% organic wax. Nood basins take 96% less embodied energy to make than their ceramic equal.
Superior Engineering
Unbeatable colour consistency and increased MPA to ensure product durability.

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