Faucet Strommen

30570 Cascade Curved Pull Out Sink Mixer 394H

This sink mixer is 394mm high with a 220mm swivel spout and 500mm pull out nozzle. It has a 2-stage flow step valve. Featuring the innovative Strommglide and S-Flex technology; a high quality PTFE sleeve and strong, stainless pull out mixer hose that'll provide efficiency to your projects.

$909 - $1566

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-11 Chrome
-78 Switzrok Matte Black
-80 Switzrok Matte White
-55 Brushed Chrome
-72 Brushed New Nickel
-52 Polished New Nickel
-74 Brushed Carbon
-73 Brushed Graphite
-90 Raw Polished Brass
-91 Raw Brushed Brass
-84 Antique Brass Light
-83 Antique Brass Medium
-53 Polished Terminus Copper
-75 Brushed Terminus Copper
-12 Chrome & Gold
-50 Polished Admiralty Brass
-51 Polished Liberty Gold
-70 Brushed Admiralty Brass
-71 Brushed Liberty Gold
-76 Discovery Bronze
-79 Armada Bronze
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