Discover the Highlights of the Melbourne Design Show: A Spotlight on Impressive Lighting and Design Brands

June 20, 2023120 min read

Anastasia Ignatova

Marketing Manager

The Melbourne Design Show took place last week. Although Studio xOx did not have an exhibition this year, we were eager to attend and discover the latest products and trends showcased by the industry. On the positive side, we encountered a range of new and exciting products and brands at this year's show. Certain stands stood out with their beautifully executed displays. On the downside, apart from lighting, we found that there were not as many new products at this years show as we would have liked. Additionally, compared to previous years, the stands at this year's show appeared more minimalist. Read on for our overview of the highlights that caught our attention.


The lighting section at this year's show was truly remarkable. We were thrilled to discover not only a wide range of options but also intriguing designs and exceptional craftsmanship. Including the Sibling Table by Fluxwood Lighting which is both designed and made in Australia.

One brand that captured our attention was Transmitt. Their spectacular stand, which happened to win the best stand award, left an impression. It wasn't just the display that impressed us; it was also the product and the story behind their lighting. Handmade in Australia by Shaun Dudley, we had the pleasure of meeting Shaun himself and his son, who introduced us to their lighting collection. Two standout pieces were the 004, a tiled wall light, and the 001, a perforated brass pendant. The use of mixed materials and the impressive designs truly stood out. We can’t wait to see what the team creates next.

Klay Life was another brand that left a lasting impression on us. Their Clay Bead Chandeliers were not only grand in scale but also showcased remarkable craftsmanship. Each bead is meticulously hand-rolled and dyed by a beautiful community of women in Kwazulu Natal, Midlands, South Africa.

The POTT PROJECT by Klay Life also caught our eye. Handmade in Southern Spain using traditional pottery techniques, the range of options they offered was impressive.

We were pleased to reunite with the team at Acustico, who exhibited alongside us last year at the Sydney Design Show. Their range of products, specially designed to absorb up to 30% of conversational and 45% of high-frequency sound, showcased both practicality and innovation. The Opera Chandelier in particular caught our eye.

Nightworks, another familiar face, once again impressed us with their collection of pendants and wall lights. Their stone off-cut lights were particularly captivating. Additionally, Code Delta Kilo, crafted with hand-blown glass and solid brass, drew inspiration from the dots and dashes of Morse code, resulting in a stunning design.

It's worth mentioning LightCo as well, not only for their visually stunning stall but also for their thoughtfully curated collection of lighting from around the world. Many of their lights sparked intriguing conversations and provided inspiration. We were particularly captivated by the Bloom Lights, which emitted a beautiful glow on the wall, as well as the Organic White Pendant Lights, each of which was unique in its own way.

Multifunctional Furniture

At this year's show, we couldn't help but notice the abundance of multifunctional furniture. One brand that particularly stood out was Buywood Furniture, backed by four generations of skilled makers. Their handcrafted pieces not only exuded exquisite craftsmanship but also served multiple purposes. The Alpha Extension Table, in particular, caught our attention as it effortlessly transformed to double its capacity. Additionally, the Amalfi 3 Seater Sofa and its accompanying coffee table made a lasting impression with their striking design and functionality.

Wall Textures

With the current surge of Mediterranean-inspired interiors and design, it comes as no surprise that wall textures have become incredibly popular. At this year's show, we witnessed a diverse range of textured wall solutions, each with its unique applications.

Mineral Fox, a well-known presence at this year's show, presented a wide selection of decorative finishes. With an array of textures, colors, and finishes available, including products suitable for wet areas, we anticipate seeing Mineral Fox products being incorporated into an increasing number of projects.

ENP Fitouts showcased a concrete vertical wall system that can be applied to both walls and furniture. This innovative concept offered a variety of color options, providing ample opportunities for creative design applications.

Brand to Watch

Bramstone Basins is a brand that deserves close attention. With a commitment to innovation, Bramstone has developed its own proprietary products, unlocking unparalleled artistic versatility in the creation of stunning basins and optional matching accessories. Their team of skilled artisans employs a range of bespoke manufacturing techniques, allowing them to deliver exceptional craftsmanship within a remarkable timeframe of just 2-4 weeks.

What sets Bramstone Basins apart is the extensive selection of styles they offer. From marbling and terrazzo to gold leaf, stone, and shell chips, their range encompasses a wide variety of designs. Furthermore, Bramstone prides itself on its ability to match any colour and ensures the authenticity of each basin with a wax-sealed certificate. The brand excels in collaborating with clients, providing the flexibility to create custom shapes and molds that meet specific requirements. We were particularly impressed by their Cloud basin which was luminous.

Statement Chairs

A special mention must be made for the impressive collection of statement chairs showcased at the event. Cult Design deserves recognition for their stunning array of statement chairs and bar stools that caught our eye.

Another standout was Larkwood Furniture, which presented a beautiful display of living room furniture, including exquisitely crafted lounge chairs. One highlight was their foldable bar stool, featuring a clever design with a miniature version of the stool neatly resting on top, also foldable in nature.

Throughout the show, we also encountered several statement chairs and stools created by local artists, showcasing an exciting fusion of mixed materials and unique designs.

Faucet Strommen

Last but certainly not least, Faucet Strommen showcased their complete range at this year's show. As their flagship studio in NSW, we were already familiar with their products, yet we couldn't help but be impressed by their sustainable, Australian-made offering of tapware and hardware.


In conclusion, the Melbourne Design Show offered a captivating glimpse into the latest products and trends within the industry. From remarkable lighting designs to multifunctional furniture, textured wall solutions, and standout brands like Bramstone Basins and Faucet Strommen, there was no shortage of inspiration and innovation on display. If you attended the show, we would love to hear your thoughts on the products and overall experience. Did any particular brands or designs catch your attention? Feel free to share your impressions and insights in the comments below.

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