Bespoke Lighting Solutions

We Ponder

At Studio xOx, we are deeply committed to curating exceptional products that elevate interior spaces with unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. That's why we are proud to partner with We Ponder, a Tasmanian-based studio that shares our passion for creating bespoke lighting solutions that are truly something special.

Founded by Interior Designer Rose Kiselev, We Ponder is driven by a mission to offer clients the opportunity to fall in love with Australian handmade lighting products. Rose's vision for timeless design aligns perfectly with our ethos at Studio xOx, where we believe in infusing spaces with soulful touches that stand the test of time.

Each design embraces the inherent imperfections of nature.

Our partnership with We Ponder is a celebration of Tasmanian craftsmanship at its finest. Each design embraces the inherent imperfections of nature, resulting in truly unique and irreplaceable pieces that reflect the individuality of both the maker and the homeowner. We believe in creating lighting fixtures that will become cherished heirlooms, admired for generations to come.

At Studio xOx, we recognise the value of collaboration and trust in our craftspeople's skills. We work hand in hand with artisans like those at We Ponder, learning from their expertise and pushing the boundaries of design to create innovative yet timeless products. Together, we are redefining what it means to illuminate a space, layering thoughtful design elements to create inviting atmospheres that inspire.