Grand Millennial bathrooms we can get behind.

December 11, 202280 min read

Grand Millennial is the hot topic in Design for 2023. We've collated some bathrooms we love which encompass the modern take on vintage ecclecticism.

Anastasia Ignatova

Marketing Manager

Grand Millennial is the hot topic when it comes to design trends for 2023. Much like in fashion, design is cyclical. The trend cycle tends to swing between neutral minimalism to opulent maximalism. Whilst good design is without a doubt timeless, trends can serve as a source of inspiration to both designers and consumers alike.

So what is Grand Millennial? Vintage, ecclectic, anti-trend, nostalgic and cottage-core are all words that come to mind. Think traditional but with a twist. A response to the wave of minimalism in recent years, Grand Millennialism injects a sense of fun and personality into the home.

Be inspired by our top picks for bathrooms that encompass this trend below.

Sydney's Parker Studio manage to capture the essence of Grand Millennial style so well in their projects. Their Woollahra Residence Powder Room has layers of colour and texture through wallpaper, wainscotting pannelling and textured oak joinery to create a moody atmosphere. Their Paddington Terrace is another stunning space which encapsulates vintage charm through checkered tiles, a claw foot tub and brushed nickel tapware.

Tamsin Johnson's Palazzo home is quintessentially Grand Millennial. Styled to perfection, this home has layers upon layers of elements which marry beautifully. There's somewhat of a Mediterranean influence in the downstairs powder room, which turns a 'traditional' bathroom on its head through its use of colourful tiles and a rustic sink. The ceiling detail and light fitting are perfectly fitting for the space.

Every project by Marie Flanigan has a sense of regal charm and Royal Point is no different. The master suite in particular is perfectly over the top. Easily mistaken for a French Château, the Hollywood Hardware tub is only one of the showstopping elements for the master bathroom. From the three dimensional plaster flowers, to the his and hers matching vanities, Flanigan truly created an experience rather than a space.

Chan + Eayrs manage to balance personality with a deep sense of belonging in the spaces they create. The Beldi in London turns classic idea of the warehouse loft on its head. The ceiling and walls echo the treetops surrounding the property, creating movement and a sense of space with the beautiful pale green that encompasses you. The bathroom somehow looks old and new all at the same time.

Chango & Co brought vibrant pops of colour to their Austin Victorian project. With every corner of the home exuding personality. Sticking with a monochrome theme for every room, the deep blue and green powder rooms are a standout.

Lisa Burdus injected colour and vintage charm into her North Sydney project. The master bathroom is first introduced by a lime green door - the colour happens to coat all the walls and ceiling is the bedroom. The yellow twist on the classic checkerboard tile along with a beautiful red wallpaper (perfectly matching the bedhead) is a combination that shouldn't work but just does.

Santa Monica by Forest Studio is an example of how Grandmillennialism can be applied in a subtle way. Every item in this powder room is a nod to heritage whilst also feeling contemporary. It's the use of textures which really make you stop and stare when it comes to this home. No Grandmillennial bathroom is complete without a Roman Blind, we love the touch of floral fabric added to this room, just like grandma's house (but better).

Haus Love Interiors injects a sense of homely familiarity into their work that we have come to recognise as a signature for Grandmillennialism. Their William Hill remodel harmonises charcoal wall panelling with their wall to wall vanity and a gorgeous floral wallpaper in the downstairs powder.

If you wanted a bathroom that could comfortably fit within a vintage copy of Architectural Digest, look no further than the Fox Island home by Heidi Caillier. A modern cottage in a nutshell, the wallpaper look tile is paired with a blush pink square with coloured grout.

This 1928 Upper West Side Apartment sitting above Central Park was in need of a refresh. Neal Beckstedt Interiors took on the project, describing it as “Young and fun and cool while still respecting uptown. Bringing the downtown element to them—that was the challenge.” (Architectural Digest, 2022). In the primary bathroom, the curved custom wood vanity (designed by Beckstedt himself) along with the Ralph Lauren Pendant lights complete the picture of this historic property.

Paddington Regency House by Handelsmann + Khaw is 'traditional' with a twist. From the Calacatta Viola skirting board, delicious detail of the wall hung basin, and the tiny mirror perfectly placed above - there is a luxe simplicity about this space.

Settled in the Southern Highlands of NSW, Werona Cottage is a beautifully restored retreat belonging to Armadillo’s Managing Director James Watts. Watts chose not to engage a designer but rather worked on the project himself with his partner. Built in the 1930s, Werona transformed into an intimate getaway which encapsulates country living.

When asked about the interiors, Watts describes it as "leaning towards heritage-style textiles, brave colour combinations and vintage artworks." Wanting to pay tribute to heritage, a lot of the homes original features were preserved - along with a few additions of painting by Watts' grandfather. The result is an idyllic retreat.

A signature of Grandmillennialsm has been about utilising small spaces in unexpected ways. Colombe Studio did just that in this pre-war apartment 'Rozbrat'. You're met with a burgundy red wall panelling, ceiling pendant and painting in this tiny bathroom which perfectly fits the studio.

Unexpected checkerboard and square tiles are an ongoing theme for 2023. Los Angelos based Sarah Sherman Samuels brings this pattern into her Woodlands guest suite. Her take on the traditional 'shower curtain' is a master stroke as she mimics the shower head through a brass curtain rail above the freestanding tub.

Grandmillennialism has also been an inspiration in commercial work. A particularly notable project is the New Orleans 19th Century Church that has been transformed into boutique accommodation by StudioWTA & ASH NYC. Hotel Peter & Paul draws inspiration from religious paintings and tapestries, the bold colour palette across this project features saturated hues of reds, blues and yellows.

There are many ways to inject Grand Millennial style into your bathroom, from a portrait of your great aunt, wallpaper or a vintage mirror. We, for one, are stoked to see the resurgence of vintage charm, pattern and colour. As seen through the above projects it's clear that when done right, Grandmillennialism is the perfect blend of old and new.

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